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According to Statista, Fashion is the largest B2C e-commerce market segment and its global size is estimated at $528.1 billion in 2019. The market is expected to grow further at 12.2% per year and reach a total market size of $829.6 billion by the end of 2024.

Fashion online shoppers use the Internet to discover trends and purchasing opportunities, whether that is from personalizing items or gliding through a simple interface on mobile devices.


C&A: To provide a wide range of functionalities and experience, at ACCT we deliver insights and customizations for the top fashion companies in the world.

For C&A Brasil our team is delivering the maximum performance in their digital commerce solutions by choosing and implementing the best technology platforms, as well as guaranteeing agile deliveries.

Client stories_


Present in several states of Brazil and also in the Federal District, with stores distributed in several Brazilian cities, Tok & Stok is a reference in furniture and decoration.

Empório da Cerveja

As part of ZX Ventures, the global innovation arm of the largest beer group in the world, AB InBev.

Forma Turismo

Forma Turismo is a tourism agency speacilized in student travel. It quickly became an important player in the tourism sector in Brazil.

ACCT and Empório da Cerveja worked together with our internal team so they could be trained to lead the operations afterwards. In my opinion, we had a very rich partnership, done as a team, which included knowledge exchange and transparent communication.

Nelson de Moura

IT Product Manager - Empório da Cerveja

It was gratifying to have a partner who agreed to this project because we knew that the business rules could generate several changes along the way. The ACCT team was flexible enough to handle changes in planning and adapted to the process.

Gustavo Rios

Chief Customer Officer - VTEX

Tok&Stok needed to evolve its online shopping experience. Our stores are already quite consolidated and we are a reference in furniture and decoration experience. Our challenge was to make exactly that same movement in digital, in a very accelerated way.

Adriano Di Bella Tavollassi

Former Director E-commerce e Digital - Tok&Stok