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About Carrefour_

The Carrefour group is one of the leading grocery and retail conglomerates of the world. The Group currently operates in 33 countries with more than 10,800 stores, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and wholesalers, with a volume of 13 million people passing through its stores every day.

In Brazil, the history of Carrefour began in 1975, and today, it has become the largest food retailer in the country. The Carrefour Group is formed by the following brands: Carrefour Hiper, Carrefour Bairro, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express, Carrefour Drugstore, Carrefour Posto, Atacadão, and Supeco.

Carrefour's operations in Brazil is one of the largest of the group. However, they decided to stop all digital operations in order to improve their digital strategy and design a winning comeback plan.

"We had closed our eCommerce in 2012 due to a lack of strategy and results, so Carrefour went 4 years without eCommerce in Brazil," Tancredi said. "Today, it’s clear that we wasted time in this market," he said, referencing the rapid growth of eCommerce in Brazil – now the largest market in Latin America and 14th largest in the world – during that time.

After a thorough research period, it was clear that it was time to reboot their digital operations and fully recognize that online grocery shopping is a reality.

"So, we were determined to come back with a new mindset, to avoid the same mistakes, and looking forward to combining three businesses in the same platform—first-party, third-party, and grocery," Tancredi said.

Groceries & Shopping_

To improve the customer experience, ACCT´s design teams developed a solution to split the traffic between two distinct experiences Food ("Market") and Non-Food "Shopping").

With this personalization, we were able to segment the users and improve performance by applying different marketing strategies, business policies, and design. Especially for the grocery store, because it is usually the most complex e-commerce operation, with a large assortment, frozen goods, bakery, and other products that require special storage and transportation.

Digital Grocery
Shopping is here_

Online grocery to more than double market share by 2025. Post-pandemic, e-grocery sales expected to climb from nearly $35 billion to more than $250 billion.

With the launch of its new ecommerce platform, Carrefour Brazil is entering the next phase of digital ecosystem growth, building an online experience that will have positive impacts across its entire business.

Frederico Heitmann, CEO of ACCT

The Experience_

Dynamic List

A personalized feature developed by ACCT exclusively for Carrefour. As the shoppers add products to "Favorites" this automatically sends the product to a specific list selected by the user. This allows consumers to browse through the shelf page, and easily add things to the live list before adding this to the shopping cart:

  • Create separate lists for different categories
  • Customers can understand their buying patterns
  • Price comparison between lists

Shoppers can save a product in a specific list by clicking on the heart icon on the top right part of the product card.

Shoppers can visualize their products, add quantity, see the price or delete the item from the list.

The multiple list feature is a very powerful tool for families to really understand the impact of certain types of products, it becomes easier to decide on how to assort your grocery list, compare prices between different diets, specific brands, and nutrition values.


Geolocation is the registration of delivery locations based on the latitude and longitude of their addresses. So, we can draw polygons for a specific logistic service, typically used in rural and industrial areas, where the division is made by lots, for example, or in hazardous areas, where it becomes necessary to avoid determined sites.

Its structure is dynamic, and a polygon can easily and literally be drawn on the map area in order to be delimited. The created polygon will be used on the freight spreadsheet registered in the carrier section.

Loyalty Program

Carrefour decided to develop a loyalty program built in the new platform. At the moment of purchase, customers can see how many "coins" they would unlock if they go through with the purchase. The objetive of the executives was to nurture recurring customers.

We are the largest team specialized on VTEX IO development & implementation.

Platform Implementation: VTEX IO

VTEX IO is an enterprise low-code development platform that provides performance management, scalability and safety to your project.

It gives you the tools to focus on code that really matters for your business instead of needing to deal with infrastructure problems and challenges.

  • Opinionated set of frameworks
  • Cloud-native infrastructure
  • Elastic scalability

Carrefour has chosen ACCT to strategize, design and implement the new platform, migrating the entire infrastructure and digital operations in Brazil.

After internal consideration and careful research, ACCT Consulting and Technology was selected as their trusted partner in this platform migration. It was concluded that ACCT would deliver the best overall results in terms of:

  • Design Experience
  • Time to market
  • Quality assurance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Experience in implementing complex e-commerce projects
  • ACCT's positioning on VTEX Magic Quadrant

Marketplace Integrations: Mirakl

Recognizing that today's digital-first customers expect a world-class shopping experience with endless assortment and a fast, convenient and seamless purchase process, Carrefour partnered with Mirakl, the world’s leading marketplace platform solution, to launch its new online marketplace in Brazil in late 2017.

As of March 2018, the marketplace hosted 85 sellers and around 100,000 products. Just two years later, the platform now offers more than 7 million cataloged products from more than 8,000 sellers and generates about 30% of Carrefour’s overall eCommerce GMV. "Marketplace is the center of the digital transformation strategy for Carrefour’s business model. It's the bridge that connects the physical and digital. For example, you can buy a TV or smartphone on our website and make your grocery purchase in the same place".

WordPress Integration_

Content to Product

One of the growth drivers of the website is our state-of-the-art search integration with WordPress. By integrating the catalog search of keywords present in the content developed in the WordPress blog, web stores can drive conversions and sales by recommending products related to the content.

Product to Content

The integration with WordPress allows also the reverse experience. When a user types a term in the search engine, the platform presents not only products but also the articles related to the term, a complement to the showcase. The content team now generates content through WordPress and the app interprets Jason from WordPress and displays it in the app.

Extended Warranty_

Carrefour has an extensive list of electronics and appliances that have a purchase option for an extended warranty. Clients can purchase this as an extra product before the checkout. ACCT´s development team has designed an interface where clients have a separate window before the checkout to offer these extended options, this was on the initial scope of the project as a strategic personalization on the VTEX platform.

Team and Internal Capabilities:

  • Software Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • Front End Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Design Experience
  • E-commerce Specialists


We had the challenge of migrating and implementing not one, but two new online shopping experiences: "Shopping" and "Mercado"  , including Marketplace (3,000 sellers, 2 million offers) on a new platform (VTEX IO) with exclusive front-end customizations (List Purchases, Catalog Regionalization, Shopping Cart, Login Provider, My Account, etc.) and in just over 6 months. We would not have been able to comply on time without ACCT's know-how.

Ricardo Tancredi

Digital Products Director - Carrefour

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