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The CRM Dito is now one-click away from thousands of VTEX customers.

About Dito_

Dito is a technology company specialized in CRM for retail. The company's mission is to support the growth of the new retail by helping brands to understand and communicate with their customers in a personalized way. Within its platform, retail managers can find a series of tools that help in the performance and sales of phisical and online stores. The company is trusted by over 200 brands such as Domino's, Aramis and Farm, which together count for more than 100 million clients.


  • Consumer data centralization platform
  • Campaigns
  • Schedule
  • Search


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that stores information about current and potential customers.
All information in relationship to the record of interactions, or touch points, which may include calls, emails, social media messages, visits, etc. The most powerful CRMs also bring intelligence based on data processing that occurs within the platform.

Dito integrated in
the VTEX ecosystem_

One of the unique features of the VTEX software architecture is the unique code application, in other words, every VTEX client is using the same instance of the software..

But what does that mean?

Well, let's look at it this way: in a single code application, once Dito is integrated to the platform, every VTEX client is only a few clicks away from downloading Dito´s app in VTEX Store. The integration is done only once and is available for all VTEX cusomers.

In multi-code platforms however, Dito would have to develop integrations everytime a new customer wants to purchase your app. In this way, Dito just created a number of potential plug-and-play clients, thanks to the integration ACCT has developed.

Pixel APP_

A Pixel app is a VTEX IO app that natively integrates stores with third party solutions, such as sales tracking, user support, and marketing services.

When installed in your VTEX account, the Pixel app adds scripts to all of the store´s website pages (and sometimes even some JavaScript configuration), so that the solution is able to fully work and fulfill its goal.

Facebook, Google Tag Manager and Zendesk Chat are examples of other pixel apps that are already available for installation in the VTEX Store Framework.


The partnership between Dito and VTEX has matured over the years. As platforms, we always think about ways to bring our technological capabilities closer. The application developed with ACCT facilitates this process and helps retailers and benefit from the best of solutions in a more efficient way.

Pedro Ivo Martins

Director Dito CRM

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