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About Carrefour_

The Carrefour group is one of the leading grocery and retail conglomerates of the world. The Group currently operates in 33 countries with more than 10,800 stores, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and wholesalers, with a volume of 13 million people passing through its stores every day.

In Brazil, the history of Carrefour began in 1975, and today, it has become the largest food retailer in the country. The Carrefour Group is formed by the following brands: Carrefour Hiper, Carrefour Bairro, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express, Carrefour Drugstore, Carrefour Posto, Atacadão, and Supeco.

Technology solutions_

Carrefour had a difficult start in the digital game. After a first attempt to build an e-grocery operation in 2012, the group shut down all e-commerce activities shortly after.
Carrefour Brazil’s marketplace director Jose Nilson Ferreira, said in an article for Mirakl US:

“We had closed our eCommerce in 2012 due to a lack of strategy and results, so Carrefour went five years without eCommerce in Brazil. Today, it’s clear that we wasted time in this market,”
The group has been surpassed by other large grocery chains in the e-commerce race, so there was no time to waste when building the new digital infrastructure.

Mirakl Integration with VTEX_

Understanding the power of marketplaces to access a broader range of customers Carrefour Brasil decided to integrate its e-commerce platform with the world´s leading marketplace solution, Mirakl.

Mirakl is a French cloud-based e-commerce software company headquartered in Paris, France. It provides online marketplace software to retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. The company has a strong global presence in the digital commerce industry. Having a winning marketplace strategy is paramount for retailers and brands to build a strong digital presence globally.

ACCT was chosen to deliver the integration project between Mirakl and VTEX because is the leader in complex VTEX projects and integrations.

With the launch of its new ecommerce platform, Carrefour Brazil is entering the next phase of digital ecosystem growth, building an online experience that will have positive impacts across its entire business.

Frederico Heitmann, CEO of ACCT

ACCT is proud to have played a critical role in making it happen. As the marketplace revolution takes hold in Brazil, we look forward to collaborating with Mirakl to continue supporting Carrefour as it grows, and to build the next generation of marketplace leaders in Brazil and beyond.

The interface_

The platform architecture and design experience were developed by ACCT with the mindset of providing an easy navigation system. With that objective in mind it was decided to split the experience into two different flows: Supermarket and Shopping.

Third-party sellers are usually in the Shopping part of the website, as they are easier to sell. When supermarket products are quite complicated to store and distribute, other products such as clothes and are much easier to commercialize.

Upon clicking on the product page, customers can check the Seller’s information as well as a whole page dedicated to them.


85 sellers and around
100,000 products.

More than 7 million
cataloged products

8,000 sellers

30% of Carrefour’s
overall eCommerce GMV


We have a huge opportunity because Carrefour may be the most valuable ecosystem in the Brazil market, we are the biggest retail company in the country and we know that the environment is very competitive. Everyone is working hard to win, and we're back in the game to win.

Ricardo Tancredi

Digital Products Director - Carrefour

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