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ACCT creates Mundo Pet's first e-commerce_

Mundo Pet is a company based in Fortaleza - CE that has seven physical stores spread across the northeastern part of Brazil. However, they still didn't have an online store before we started this project. In addition to being a meeting environment for animal lovers, the brand offers a range of products for pets, veterinary clinic services, and aesthetic services for pets. With a turnover of R $ 22.3 billion in 2019, the pet industry is an increasingly promising niche forcing companies in the sector to be present in digital commerce.

Therefore, our main objective together with VTEX was to create a digital shopping experience through the implementation of a high-performance e-commerce platform offering the user an intuitive, functional, and pleasant navigation interface.

ACCT and VTEX Partnership_

To guarantee the unique experience that Mundo Pet offers in its physical stores, a robust platform was needed to enable the development of e-commerce design, but with autonomy for the business team. That was the reason the company chose VTEX and the ACCT team, which specializes in implementing this technology for the development of its store.

Interactive Design_

Here at ACCT, UX best practices are an integral part of our digital projects and with Mundo Pet, it was no different. As the brand did not have an online store, our UX team carried out card sorting research, a technique to understand how the user groups content and features. This made it possible to create the category tree and a functional, interactive, and dynamic menu.

Always aiming to offer an experience equal to that the consumer has in the physical store, the home was created thinking of the very entrance of the branches bringing the feeling of enchantment that the consumer of Mundo Pet is used to.

Mobile First_

This is one of the new development paradigms and where also the process must be started. Increasingly, users are demanding better experiences with mobile devices to enjoy simple, fluid navigation.

Transactions via cell phones are growing exponentially and one of the biggest factors of conversion rate depression is a bad mobile experience. Here at ACCT, UX best practices are an integral part of our development, making the user experience pleasant and fluid.


As the number one implementer of VTEX IO, ACCT used this technology to create an innovative design, which is the great differential of the project. The Mundo Pet store has an interactive and diverse design and a super functional and minimalist header.


To evolve the store, we used VTable, an interface that allows the customer to view interactions with its end-user. Through it, we created a form where the consumer can forward questions that are forwarded to Master Data, and thus Mundo Pet can ustilize this data to raft a more personal relationship with customers.


We searched for a platform on the market that was stable and scalable and we understood that VTEX was the right choice VTEX. They recommended ACCT to us mainly because of the expertise in VTEX IO, the technology that we use when implementing the store. We had a very good conversation with ACCT, as the company had a business vision aligned with what we wanted. And finally, our desire was to build a website that transmitted much more than a sale of products, and ACCT understood our needs very well and designed a visual that we envisioned.

Breno Jácome

Mundo Pet's Director

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