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Transforming a VTEX store
into a Native App_

Founded in 2010, Grupo Soma, also known as Animale-Farm, owns some of the largest fashion brands in Brazil, such as A.Brand, Animale, Cris Barros, Fábula, and Farm. More than 4700 employees are working in 178 stores across Brazil. The products are also sold through private and third-party e-commerce and multi-brand stores.

OFF Premium_

OFF Premium, one of the group's companies, is the official outlet for some of the main names in Brazilian fashion. A successful initiative to create another sales channel with an outlet option, while maintaining the extremely high quality already recognized by the market. OFF Premium quickly gained thousands of users and many fans.

The Challenge: OFF Premium already had their e-commerce running with VTEX technology, however the integration with the mobile application was limited because it is an out of the shelf app, which ended up bringing difficulties for digital management, especially in omnichannel strategies channeling. With two platforms that did not talk to each other, e-commerce operators were unable to get the application to perform as well as the platform.

Solution: OFF PREMIUM native app with VTEX backend_

The native app developed by ACCT was started after the group recognized the need for greater integration between the VTEX platform with the native app. It was clear to Grupo Soma that greater integration between the two platforms would optimize processes and improve results, in addition to greatly facilitating the implementation of an omnichannel strategy, where the native app is essential, as it is the device that integrates the physical store with the digital.

VTEX Backend_

One of the great differentials of this project was the development of a native app with a VTEX back-end. The app developed in React Native responds to all VTEX APIs and gives the customer great ease of operation, which is in full integration between platforms, simplifying navigation and operations, in addition to improving reporting and control.

ACCT has the ability to turn
any VTEX virtual store into a native app!

Experience & Design
Mobile First_

Transactions via cellphones are growing exponentially and one of the biggest factors in the conversion rate depression is a bad mobile experience. Given this reality and with its expertise in mobile-first development, ACCT architect and developed an application in Native React for android and iOS, 100% integrated with the VTEX back-end. All VTEX stores are already responsive on mobile, but the app improves navigation even further, as well as offers a personalized and intuitive channel, in addition to a much better performance in terms of speed and processing.

Design based on the Product Discovery method_

The whole visual concept was designed after a thorough work of Product Discovery, a method used in the development of digital solutions. In this way, ACCT design teams made a plan considering data collection, usability tests, business positioning in the market, and target audience. The design work was so special that Grupo Soma decided to replicate the application's Design Guide for the desktop version.

Value and complexity mapping_

As its name implies, the value complexity matrix represents the potential value of a product resource alongside the complexity of implementing those resources. The commercial value of a project can be categorized as high or low, while the complexity of implementing a project can be represented as low or high.


  • Layer navigation flow
  • Interactive menu
  • Categories page
  • Sorted filters
  • Catalogs
  • Catalog menu
  • Product page
  • Wishlist

VTEX Checkout - Customization_

One of the challenges of the project was the complete customization of the VTEX checkout. During the research phase, stakeholders concluded that the VTEX checkout did not offer a fluid process, so ACCT made a series of customizations to improve the VTEX checkout experience, and thus optimizing conversion rates. Although the back-end remains VTEX, we completely customize the checkout:

  • The process was divided screen by screen
  • Fractional delivery message
  • Simpler and minimalist layout
  • Simplified registration form
  • List of delivery services


Choosing a partner to implement a project as important to us as our application is, is not a simple task. We ended up choosing ACCT for this project because of its long experience in developing projects in e-commerce and especially VTEX. Our partnership was positive and productive, with daily meetings and constant communication, we managed to achieve a result of design and usability that has helped us to boost our sales and create a personalized and safe channel.

Rafael Passos

Head of Digital Products at Grupo de Moda Soma

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