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Rei dos Estojos _

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The traditional manufacturer of jewelry
and watchmaking supplies in Brazil_

Rei dos Estojos is a company famous in the market of jewelry and costume jewelry manufacturers in Brazil for producing packaging, supports, and tools for jewelers and watchmakers. Founded in 1986, it has a physical store of over one thousand square meters in the traditional shopping center of Belo Horizonte. Innovating in infrastructure and offering more than five thousand items from its physical store, the company also decided to evolve its e-commerce and thus guarantee a better experience for the online consumer.

The Project_

The online store was already running on VTEX CMS but needed to speed up the development of e-commerce. With its expertise in VTEX IO, ACCT migrated the store with this technology, creating several customizations for a functional and intuitive design, giving the remote consumer the same experience he would have in his physical store.


Our team used their best practices in experience design to create a simplified and intuitive environment. ACCT has customized dynamic banners and an advantage rule for greater customer autonomy in the management of promotions and to highlight conditions for the end-user.

Product page_

Thinking of a structured product page with quality information to facilitate the user's choice experience, our UX team used the design best practices.

The color selection buttons, wholesale feature, and measure of the total product were customized.


This can be considered a hybrid store between B2B and B2C. As it is a traditional and niche store, many individual entrepreneurs and small companies in the jewelry and accessories sector seek the store to buy wholesale with different pricing rules and business conditions.

Category page_

Customization is a global trend in experience design. The side filter was implemented on the VTEX platform in order to facilitate and refine the user's search.

Mobile First_

This is one of the new development paradigms and where also the process must be started. Increasingly, users are demanding better experiences with mobile devices to enjoy simple, fluid navigation.

Transactions via cell phones are growing exponentially and one of the biggest factors in the conversion rate depression is a bad mobile experience. Here at ACCT, UX best practices are an integral part of our development, making the user experience pleasant and fluid.


Since the first meeting, the ACCT team has shown itself with deep knowledge of VTEX. It saved us time by having a lot of market experience and putting the customer experience first. We were aware of everything that was happening and the project was delivered beyond expectations. By far the best agency we've worked with to date!

Marcelo Tafarello


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