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About Samsung_

Samsung, a global giant in the technology segment, reached its peak in mid-2006 with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, solidifying an absolute leadership on the sale of TVs, Monitors, and Smartphones.

Today Samsung is among the 10 largest brands in the world, Samsung's mission is to inspire its customers with innovative products that improve people's lives and contribute to the creation of a new future.


Samsung Brazil was looking to improve the shopping experience of its customers. At the time, the Samsung products were commercialized in the country only through a local marketplace. Even though this business model proved successful up to a certain level, this strategy was no longer satisfactory according to the managers.

ACCT is the VTEX Partner with the largest track-record implementing VTEX IO projects. Due to the high complexity of the project, VTEX IO platform and framework were picked as part of a large technology and services stack put together to deliver the integrated.

Implementation time: 2 months

Special Feature: Employee Purchase Program_

Samsung has implemented an EP Program, where partner companies can give their employees special access to exclusive deals within Samsung's store. This was done through platform customization where ACCT created a private environment, with personalized business rules and pricing. This strategy has the objective of generating extra revenue by creating group interest and bulk sales.


Customer can acess the EPP environment by adding e-mail and name.

After confirming their e-mail with an automatic code, employees can create a password.

After the private account is successfully created, clients get informed on the pricing rules and special conditions.


As well as the instructions on how to proceed.

Upon choosing the product, the client is taken to the checkout page, where they can enter their voucher as well as define payment and delivery mothods.

Upon payment conciliation is made, the order is confirmed and will be delivered to the chosen address.

80% increase in traffic_

ACCT has supported Samsung in the development of its new store which has spun out from the In that sense, we can compare the traffic growth in each of the two websites and affirm that the whole-new website we create is performing better than the previous one.

Traffic growth
since March 2020:




This migration has opened several business opportunities for Samsung Brasil, many of the marketing initiatives we develop today can only happen due to the new infrastructure that ACCT has helped us create. From the front-end to the check-out, we know have a much more powerful webstore.

Jannos Artusi de Faria

Head of E-Commerce Channel Marketing - Samsung

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