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About Samsung_

Samsung, a global giant in the technology segment, is a market leader in the technology industry. With innovative design and cutting-edge technology, Samsung has solidified an absolute leadership on the sale of TVs, Monitors and Smartphones.

Today Samsung is among the 10 largest brands in the world, with a mission to inspire its customers with innovative products that improve people's lives and contribute to the creation of a new future.


Samsung Brazil was looking to improve the shopping experience of its customers. At the time, the Samsung products were commercialized in the country only through a local marketplace. Even though this business model proved successful up to a certain level, this strategy was no longer satisfactory according to the managers.

Operating only via a marketplace has many disadvantages. After studies were conducted, It became clear to them that the e-commerce results could improve drastically if the digital teams had control over the platform in order to improve aspects such as:

  • Design Experience
  • Product Page
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Customizations
  • Payments and more

The possibilities of evolving their digital operations were very narrow then, due to the lack of flexibility to customize the customer journey, promote products, create ads strategy, etc. Furthermore, this creates internal disputes from different product verticals inside the company for ads real estate, promotion slots and etc.

The Solution_

The decision-makers arrived at the conclusion that Samsung Brazil should have their own, personalized shopping experience. After a careful market research, ACCT was chosen by the electronics giant to deliver their platform implementation project.

Project and features_

Platform Implementation - VTEX IO v2

ACCT is the VTEX Partner with the largest track-record implementing VTEX IO projects. Due to the high complexity of this solution, the VTEX IO platform and framework were chosen by Samsung as part of a large technology stack put together to deliver the integrated solution.

Implementation period: 2 months

Mobile First_

This is one of the new development paradigms, always start with mobile development. Increasingly, users demand better mobile experiences to experience simple and fast navigation.

Transactions via cell phones grow exponentially and one of the biggest factors of conversion rate depression is a poor mobile experience. Here at ACCT, UX best practices are an integral part of our development, making the user experience pleasant and fluid.


Employee Purchase Program

Samsung has implemented an EP Program, where partner companies can give their employees special access to exclusive deals within Samsung´s store. This was done through a platform customization where ACCT created a private environment, with personalized business rules and pricing. This strategy has the objective of generating extra revenue by creating group interest and bulk sales.

Check out experience_

It was essential to them from the beginning that the cart and checkout experience were improved. Their previous checkout journey was very complicated, starting from the puzzling authentication up to the payment options.

Improving the checkout experience was one of the main reasons why we embarked on this migration journey, the VTEX checkout experience is easy, it requires only email authentication after the first purchase. The new check out definitely helped to increase conversion rates.

Jannos Artusi de Faria

Category Page_

Category pages are great for search engine optimization (SEO). These pages can basically serve as landing pages when users search for keywords or phrases relevant to the topic. This is great for site owners because it provides organic traffic to their website. The previous infrastructure of Samsung did not allow them to have a category page, using the VTEX platform, ACCT created a category segmentation of products, enabling users to browse and search through entire categories, leading to more converstions.

Design Experience_

Product page

A product page is, without doubt, the page in a website where a customer spends most of the time. So, if you create a compelling product page, you are likely to get more customers. ACCT has implemented product pages fully customizable, enabling Samsung to personalize the product marketing down to each product.

More Features_

Full price on display

Samsung offers a discount to customers who wish to pay one payment rather than installments. This discounted price appears highlighted on the shelf page, together with the "Add to Cart" button.

Bundle Kit Feature

Allows store managers to create product bundles with discounts. Usually, related products are offered together with discounted prices, this feature is now available for Samsung to create new promotions and special offers with products like:

  • Accessories for phone and tablets
  • Wearables
  • Services

Samsung Care

Through a customization in the new platform, ACCT enabled Samsung to offer "Extended Warranties" as a service. In this way customers can very easily acquire special care services for their products. A one-step process was created before the checkout page to allow customers to add these services in the cart, much as a new product.


Card Split

Samsung Brasil customers now have an option of splitting the final cost of products and services in two different cards. This was a challenge from an customization standpoint and was only possible because VTEX is a PCI certified platform, one that allows to safely withold credit card information and make the settlement in the same environment.


Comparing the results from the previous website and the all-new we could conclude the following:

Traffic growth
since March 2020:




This migration has opened several business opportunities for Samsung Brasil, many of the marketing initiatives we develop today can only happen due to the new infrastructure that ACCT has helped us create. From the front-end to the check-out, we know have a much more powerful webstore.

Jannos Artusi de Faria

Head of E-Commerce Channel Marketing - Samsung

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