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About the project _

This mobile application project has a peculiarity: ACCT took the project underway. The application was not created by ACCT, so the interface was developed by another consultancy, and ACCT Global improved it from 2020.

Functionalities _

As there were extremely necessary features to be deployed quickly, the design of UX and UI were things that were left for a second moment, being the main focus on navigation and application logic.

This first screen is the space where distributors and representatives can log in. Not only to quote prices and budgets but also to save those budgets and complete sales with customized prices.

And on this first screen, there is a particularity: from the moment the customer enters the application, there are already several API's that will be called by the application at the time of login, as there are several different databases that need to be consulted before viewing prices and establish transactions.

Custom menu _

After logging in, you can view a personalized dashboard and have access to your goals to be achieved, as well as a sales rule showing the% of goals that have been achieved so far.

Custom quotes_

Here on this screen, it is possible to see the entire customer portfolio of a representative. Here brand representatives can generate personalized quotes for each customer, taking into account their history.

Custom promotions _

For the business conditions and the price list to be always up to date, it is necessary to always be updating the promotions catalog.

Avaliable credit:

Here on this screen, we can measure the credit available to the customer. Below we have menu items with the cart that is already created for that same customer. Users can access the cart and proceed from there to check out.

On this page, it is possible to have access to the budgets saved for that customer, in addition to the order history.


Another peculiarity of this Stanley Black & Decker project is the launch of promotions that can occur during the day, changing the business rules and the price tables. That is why the constant updating of the application is extremely necessary.

To solve this problem, ACCT Global created an icon next to the budget that gives a signal as to whether that price list is up-to-date or not.

Conditional promotions:

Through the app there is a very specific type of promotion, which is dependent on the number of specific items or a category of products, for example:

There are promotions in categories such as "Industrial Tools" or a specific product, such as an electric drill. This generates two categories of promotions that can be intersected. For this, ACCT Global created a filter where representatives can click and see in real-time if those products budgeted there are valid for any promotion.

Navigation flow

At the end of the purchase, the application asks if you want to close the order.


These Flags are signals to warn if any condition is not being met, such as when the minimum order is not met or when the user is without an internet connection and is consequently prevented from completing the order.


When closing the order with the representative, the user is taken to the checkout page. In the solution developed by ACCT Global, customers can see all budgets and not just that specific customer. Functionality that was not available in the previous solution.

It is clear, then, that this Stanley Black & Decker project was a pioneering project when it comes to international B2B applications. In addition to this project being developed in three countries and on three different continents, the amount of business rules, price lists, languages, currencies, and promotional conditions makes this project especially complex.


If we want to continue to be the best at what we do, we need to look for ways to constantly reinvent ourselves and ensure that we are constantly trying to transform ourselves for the better. Having ACCT and VTEX as partners was a crucial part of our success in the engineering part of our commerce and distribution solution.

Martin Elias

Global Manager - Stanley Black and Decker

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