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About Tok&Stok_

Present in several states of Brazil and also in the Federal District, with stores distributed in several Brazilian cities, Tok & Stok is a reference in furniture and decoration.

Design, exclusive products, and the provision of practical solutions for everyday life are part of the Tok & Stok concept, which always seeks to combine bold design at competitive prices.


When entering a physical store of Tok & Stok, the consumer has the feeling of being strolling in a mall, where it is possible to find everything for home or office, in a comfortable and pleasant environment. In your online store, it could not be different.

With a process of continuous evolution, the main objective of the project was to convey to the online store all the passion for innovative design, making the online shopping experience with the same look and feel of the physical stores.

Partnership ACCT & Tok&Stok_

ACCT has a dedicated multidisciplinary team focused on executions of excellence. For this, we use the work process in SCRUM format, which allows us to guarantee organization and agility in deliveries. ACCT has provided Tok & Stok with an Agile Multidisciplinary Squad, that worked exclusively with the client in order to implement the project.

E-commerce VTEX_

Tok & Stok has been in the online market for about eight years, with a growing expansion when it comes to website sales. In July 2018, using the VTEX platform and with the technological support of ACCT, the store's evolution process began, considerably increasing the number of sales captured by the website.

In 2017, E-commerce represented 2% of total sales and after the migration to VTEX there was an increase in this number to 7%. In 2019, this number rose to approximately 12% of total sales.

About the Project_

Before totally focused on physical stores, Tok & Stok adopted an omnichannel strategy and bet more and more on the digital world. With this, the main objective of the project is to bring to digital all the experience and journey of the Tok & Stok client. In this way, we developed several features and improvements in the VTEX platform, ranging from the implementation of the Wedding List to the purchase by Environments.

Wedding List_

The Wedding List feature was developed with “Four Hands” between the VTEX team and the ACCT team. VTEX IO technology was used with GraphQL for Tok & Stok API calls.

The lists are managed via Session Token, made available by VTEX, without the need to pull any more information. We also had a great challenge in building the front-end using React.

Shop The Look_

The app “Shop The Look” integrates the entire omnichannel experience from Tok & Stok, in which in a few steps it is possible to select and buy products from a certain environment.

The App was developed with the technology of VTEX IO in which the administrator, through a friendly and dynamic interface, can create and update products for any type of environment.

Image Search_

We developed the exchange and return feature directly in the user's My Account.

In this way, the user can request and monitor their requests in a clear and objective way.

360º Product View_

We implemented the feature to view the product in 360º, providing a more complete product experience. The customer can now see through all angles of a product, giving more confidence in the buying process.

Mobile Experience_

Increasingly, users demand better mobile experiences to experience simple and fluid navigation. We know mobile is already the number one driver of sales. For that, the best practices of UX are used, making the user experience of the brand efficient.


Tok & Stok needed to evolve its online shopping experience. Our stores are already quite consolidated and we are a reference in furniture and decoration experience. Our challenge was to make exactly that same movement in digital, in a very accelerated way.

We chose ACCT because we identified the possibility of doing this with the speed we needed, in an evolutionary way as we believe and always taking the user experience as the core of the business.

This translated into our way of working together. Whether in daily meetings where we decide the direction of the next sprint or discussing a new feature: what is the best way to implement it and which KPI´s should be monitored. All of this always in a clear, transparent and collaborative way.

This synergy translates into great deliveries, a differentiated shopping experience for our customers and with results that prove this beyond doubt.

We still have a lot to do, but we continue with the certainty that we are on the right path to become the best digital shopping experience for furniture and accessories.

Adriano Di Bella Tavollassi

Former Director E-commerce e Digital - Tok&Stok

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