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Retail is complex and has many loose ends.
Robust, flexible and 100% adapted platform for B2C,
B2B, omnichannel and sales in marketplaces.

The future of your e-commerce is here.


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Linx Commerce

Robust, flexible and 100% ecommerce platform adapted for B2C, B2B, omnichannel and marketplaces.


Linx Impulse

Recommendations, search, media and retargeting to increase your performance and personalize the online shopping experience.


Linx Omni

Omnichannel platform that unites online and offline, increases conversion, optimizes logistics and simplifies your tax operations.

Linx aims to the future_

Retail grows even when a macro view of the operation is abandoned and begins to look microscopically at the entire system. Linx brings the latest to retailers and that is why it leads the software market in Latin America.

Client stories_


Present in several states of Brazil and also in the Federal District, with stores distributed in several Brazilian cities, Tok & Stok is a reference in furniture and decoration.

Empório da Cerveja

As part of ZX Ventures, the global innovation arm of the largest beer group in the world, AB InBev.

Forma Turismo

Forma Turismo is a tourism agency speacilized in student travel. It quickly became an important player in the tourism sector in Brazil.

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