Delivery Squads _

Delivering value_

Migrating or deploying technology goes far beyond coding. For value-added delivery, professionals from different specialties are needed. Having a multidisciplinary team ensures there are people with the complete skill set needed to deliver complex digital projects.

Our end-to-end implementation services support organizations to design, develop, and deploy solutions faster and reliably. We understand implementation as one of the core attributes of a well functioning digital system.

ACCT is requested by its clients precisely because of its technical implementation capabilities. With a proven track-record of ambitious implementations.

  • Applied agile methodology in every implementation process
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Unique Testing Culture
  • Accelerate your digital transformation by using pre-packaged solutions with tailored functionalities

Front-end Development_

The front-end is the design and graphics part of a website, it is where the interactions with the client are needed. A high-performing website is necessarily linked to well-designed client experience and interface.

Our front-end teams are responsible for developing a graphical interface through code. The main goal of a designer is to make sure every user coming into the website finds the information they are looking for quickly and pleasantly.

Back-end Development_

Back-end development languages deal with the functionality behind the scenes of web applications. It is the code that connects the web to a database, manages user connections, and launches the web application itself.

Back-end development works in conjunction with the front-end to deliver the end product to the user. Back-end development is the tool that powers the web, allowing people to browse their favorite websites.

Back-end developers will write APIs, write code to interact with a database, create libraries, work on business processes and data architecture, and more. It usually depends on the role and the specific company.

The digital transformation era is already upon us, the next step is continuous evolution as a business culture.

Quality Assurance_

QA includes activities that ensure the implementation of processes, procedures, and standards in context to verification of developed software and intended requirements. It includes activities that ensure the verification of developed software with respect to documented (or not in some cases) requirements. Focuses on actual testing by executing the software with an aim to identify bug/defect through the implementation of procedures and processes.

It is a systematic process to determine how the actual testing process is conducted within an organization or a team. Generally, it is an independent examination of processes.


A mobile developer is capable of creating software for phones and tablets and is familiar with the latest technologies in the mobile world. Mobile development requires a focus on other hardware contexts to optimize performance, such as battery life, network, and memory management. A developer should also be aware of how to deal with device fragmentation, usually working closely with a designer to obtain the best user experience (UX) results.

  • Native and Hybrid Development - iOS, Android, React, Flutter, Native
  • Redesign, Restructure and Re-coding
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Unit Testing Culture
  • SEO