Experience Design _

Connecting with people_

Experience design is a matter of empathy. By creating experiences we are trying to see the world through the eyes of the customer and imagine what they will be looking for when navigating into our systems. The user experience is a strategic business tool and, if you apply to your projects and processes in a smart way, you will see many positive changes in indicators such as:

  • Brand loyalty
  • Conversion rates
  • Average order value
  • Lifetime customer value

User Interface_

A user interface (UI) is the means in which a person controls a software application or hardware device. A good user interface provides users with a comfortable, easy to use experience.

The Interaction between a person and the screen should be intuitive, clean and self explanatory.

Content Strategy_

After developing a reliable platform you can then think of building a content strategy that will attract and convert users into clients. At this point, competitive research will provide your organization with insights to help decide the best content strategy.

Regardless if you are building on top of an existing content strategy or starting over, you can aim your affords into three main factors:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Process

We support business mapping the customer journey, defining ideal audience, selecting best technological suite and automating processes.

User Experience (UX) & Research_

As a UX Strategy, the UX professional is responsible for deeply understanding the client's business strategies, looking for value innovation, I understand the user with research. This professional is essential to align business expectations with users' expectations.

In the role of UX Researcher, the UX analyst is responsible for conducting or monitoring research throughout the process of building and validating digital products. In addition to conducting research, UX Researcher also needs to consolidate data and present insights for the project.

Information Architecture_

Information architecture is the practice of deciding how to arrange the parts of something to be understandable. In order to organize and structure the content and information of a website, designers need to decide how to arrange the parts of something to be understandable.