Quality Assurance _

Ensuring the best technology

A quality assurance system aims to increase the trust and credibility of products, processes, and services. At the same time it improves work processes and efficiency, in addition to allowing the company to have maximum control and prevention against defects and malfunctions.

Quality control is a necessity because we all make mistakes.

Think like this: Would you buy a car, cell phone, or stove that had not been tested to the limit programmatically and randomly?

Quality Assurance Automation

Test automation is the use of software to control the execution of software tests through the application of strategies and tools, comparing the expected results with the actual results.

The main objectives are:

  • Reducing human involvement in manual activities;
  • The reduction of time required;
  • And final cost.

Ideal Software Testing Pyramid

  • Section based on manual testing
  • Automated interface testing
  • Automated API testing
  • Automated Integration tests
  • Automated Component testing
  • Automated Unit testing

Functional Tests

Execution of the main features presented
on the website:

  1. Calculate Shipping
  2. Register Customer
  3. Place Order

Visual Tests

Verification of the standard template with the one presented at the time of the test execution, for example:

  1. Validation of alignments and positions
  2. Validation of fonts and sizes
  3. Color and content validation

Where to start?

Functionalities considered critical should be one of the initial focuses of automation activities, as they are very important parts of the system, which will certainly be used a lot and will have high visibility.

Precisely for this reason, these features require special care.


  1. Understand the context;
  2. Write test cases before automating;
  3. Focus on business rules;
  4. Evaluate blocks;
  5. Use good practices.

Suggested Test Functional Modules


Validate Home
Validate categories and filterss
Validate PDP and freight calculations
Validate URLs


Validate Login
Validate Registration
Validate registration change
Validate wish list


Validate product addition
Validate product removal
Validate QTD addition and removal
Validate freight calculations

Checkout 1

Validate registration
Validate registration change
Validade address addition
Validate change of address

Checkout 2

Validate in-store pickup
Validate discount coupon
Validate payment rules
Validate order closure

Suggested Visual Test Modules

Checkout 1

Validate cart page
Validate address page
Validate payment addition
Validate order change

Special Pages

Validate My Carrefour
Validate blog pages
Validate pags of the Carrefour Card form
Validate page Our Stores

Architecture of an automated functional testing tools

We use the best technologies available on the market to optimize automated testing scenarios.
With the focus on minimizing and optimizing the work of the entire development cycle.

BDD Survey and Writing

Creation of features.

Cypress Script Encoding

Action coding and element mapping.

Gitlab runs the Pipeline

Set of tasks and procedures to be performed.

BDD Execution

Orchestrator of thes Steps and Execution Report.

Cypress runs the Test

Record execution, take prints and interact with the interface.

Cypress Dashboard

Report Status: videos and prints of the executions.

Architecture Tool automated visual testing

In this flow of visual tests, once the test script is encoded in cypress and versioned in gitlab, we build through the CI / CD an execution pipeline where the environment for the execution of the tests will be built, when a test is started, it will call the external service of that will generate in your app a build with the results of the executions.


Cypress Script Encoding


Gitlab Runs Pipeline


Percy IO does the Tests


As mentioned in the planning, in the first moment we need to understand the context, that is, all software orientation with a business vision. In the second moment, the technical phase of testing development begins, using the artifacts of the context, with the best tools and good development practices.


  • Test report
  • Approved release

Execution Pipelines

  • Validations in automated approval and production through pipeline;
  • Test-based approval process.

Tool Examples

  • Gitlab (repository and pipeline).


Cypress Dashboard Service is an optional web-based component that provides a number of resources related to test projects and test runs in Cypress. It provides a visual representation of the test runs, their reports and status in a single web window. In addition, it is useful in planning and viewing test runs of Cypress test scripts. The Cypress Dashboard service offers several other features. let's understand some of them.


The architecture of the tool also allows you to send notifications for all test runs. Containing in these notifications all the artifacts of positive / negative results and direct link to the dashboard and pipeline, to consult a more detailed view of the execution.

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