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Creating the future_

At ACCT we live and breath software development. More than 60% of our employees are software engineers. As a company rooted in development best practices, our responsibility as engineers and creators are expressed through the development of digital solutions.

At ACCT we develop outstanding software solutions for some of the largest brands in the world, specialized in digital commerce.. The service of interconnecting systems is a core aspect of our attributes. At ACCT we have a long record of designing reliable and scalable integrated solutions.


E-commerce platform implementations are among the most hotly discussed investments in retail IT, and not surprisingly, there’s a huge amount of growth in this area. Here at ACCT, we work with a number of platform implementations, with a specialization in e-commerce.

We are the largest team specialized on VTEX IO development & implementation.


In order to develop outstanding software solutions, it is mandatory to be experts in Integrations. The service of interconnecting systems a continuous and integral part of our projects. At ACCT we have a long record of designing reliable and scalable integrations for some of the world´s best-known brands. Among our duties are the identification and documentation of significant technical aspects from an architectural point of view, including visualization of system design, implementation, and organization requirements. We provide agile development squads with a complete technical basis for every step in the process.


Cloud services is about delivering IT resources on demand through the Internet with payment price defined in accordance with use. A huge majority of the modern internet services are offered to the public in a cloud computing business model ACCT has a successful track record of successful cloud integrations, application development and infrastructure development.

Enterprise Architecture_

Enterprise architecture (EA) is the practice of analyzing, designing, planning and implementing enterprise analysis to successfully execute on business strategies. EA helps businesses structure IT projects and policies to achieve desired business results and to stay on top of industry trends and disruptions using architecture principles and practices, a process also known as enterprise architectural planning.