Black Friday is coming, are you ready?

Last year’s Black Friday broke all previous records and retailers know the most important part of the year is coming up but what can they do to improve the results in Black Friday and Holiday season? For the past year, I have been talking about it with some of the most important online retailers in Europe and those were my learnings:

Mobile & Apps

There is no more obvious trend that using mobile for shopping. Here is some data:

  • Almost two-thirds of shoppers turned to mobile for their Black Friday shopping activities
  • 65% of online shoppers reportedly state they use mobile during Black Friday, 35% of all shoppers turn to apps
  • 58% of shoppers use their phone to compare prices
  • 45% use mobile to find coupons
  • Shoppers spend, on average,18x more time navigating on the app then comparing to a browser

Mobile has shown a steady increase in shopping activities for many years now, and the data shows it is not going away. For retailers and brands, the best thing about the mobile trend is the potential exponential increase in brand loyalty, as mobile users prefer to use mobile apps instead of a web browser for their shopping. That is because the app presents a cleaner and more intuitive navigation and gives an impression of a more secure checkout.


Customers will look at 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson or go to a specific website. It is crucial for retailers to implement a consistent strategy on inbound marketing and a multimedia content creation that is not just stating how awesome your company is. The idea here is to create a content that is useful whether or not the shopper ends up buying your product, for example:

  • Fashion Trends
  • Top 10 best picks
  • Food recipes
  • Product comparison
  • Unboxing videos
  • How-to videos

The goal is to add value to the customer’s experience. Of course, you should add a call-to-action including your brand and product, but this is secondary. Valuable content will drive valuable traffic.
Shoppers will turn to your app at every step of the funnel, so stock your app with helpful content, such as easy-to-find user reviews or a price comparison guide.

Push Notification

The best way to attract people to an offer or a feature in your app is to send push notifications. When you have a great Black Friday deal in your app, you should communicate this via push notifications.

Marketers sent 2.7x as many mobile push notifications on Black Friday last year. And users matched marketers’ enthusiasm, opening those push notifications 2.6x as often.

Shoppers Are More Likely to Opt-In During Black Friday

It has always been a challenge: to encourage app users to opt-in for push notifications. But the good news is that users are 40% more willing to opt-in push notifications during Black Friday. So your company should leverage this to increase your reach.

So now that you know that the key to engaging users on mobile is push notifications… how do you get them to opt-in? Historically, this has been a struggle — on average, only 40 percent of users opt-in to push notifications. But there’s good news: half of the shoppers said they are likely to enable push notifications to learn about Black Friday deals.