Quadrant 2021: ACCT is VTEX’s most valuable partner.

The VTEX quadrant is based on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, which highlights companies in the technology market in the leading, challenging, and visionary categories. VTEX was even named Visionary in 2020. In its fourth edition, VTEX annually recognizes companies that attest to the ability to execute and sell e-commerce projects.


Results of VTEX Quadrant 2021


Understanding Quadrant Positions

The quadrant is divided into two axes: the vertical (effectiveness to sell) that represents the ability to sell projects and the horizontal (ability to execute) that ensures the ability to execute projects. As an Enterprise company, note that about the other partners, ACCT stands out for its position on the right and at the top, which constitutes the isolated leadership in 2021.


Requirements for entering the VTEX Quadrant

To measure the position that the partners will have in the quadrant, VTEX provides a questionnaire with requirements and each of them results in a specific score.

Some of them are:

  • Technical implementation certificates
  • Sales certifications
  • Customer GMV
  • Project delivery on time
  • PMI/PMP Certification
  • Opportunities won
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • International projects
  • Enterprise customers projects


ACCT has been in the quadrant since the first edition

Since the award began, ACCT has been in the quadrant and each year has had exponential growth in its position. It is worth mentioning here that the entrance to the Quadrant alone is already a great achievement, as there are some mandatory requirements, such as a minimum number of certifications that certifies that the partner has mastered the technology. Certification was, along with other requirements, one of our main highlights.


Check out the categories that ACCT stood out in 2021:


Implementation and sales certification

Unlike previous years, in addition to the minimum number of certifications for entering the quadrant, VTEX offered a higher score for partners who had more certified professionals. In our team, about 70% of our operations and sales team has been certified, contributing to our positioning in addition to reinforcing what we already knew: we have the most specialized team in this technology.

The certification takes place through an assessment with questions related to the implementation and knowledge of VTEX projects that only people who have technical and practical experience in the code, management, and sale of VTEX projects can obtain. Sales ensure that professionals have the necessary knowledge at all stages of VTEX projects and are also able to lead customers who are in phase or have joined the platform.


VTEX Book Delivery

To generate knowledge about the technology, this KPI consists of creating a material that can guide people in the ecosystem to understand and have access to good practices in the use of technology in their VTEX projects. In this edition, ACCT brought up three pertinent themes:


UX Techniques for E-commerce

In this book, Rodrigo de Gouveia and Vinicius Tifoski from our Design Experience team talk about the importance of a UX (User Experience or User Experience) in the online store and how it can impact the conversion. In addition, they share good practices used over the years in ACCT projects that provide a better experience for the user and always seeking a good position in the market, which is increasingly dynamic.




The content brought by Ammon Cunha, Data & Analytics Coordinator, and by Murilo Preccaro, Software Engineer & Performance Specialist, addresses the concept of how performance is present in the e-commerce scenario and how some tools and good market practices, reconciled with the VTEX, assist us in the mission of always guaranteeing the best performance for our partners.



Agile project management

Fundamental to the delivery of value-added projects, agile management widely disseminated at ACCT demands organization and application of specific techniques and practices so that we can always serve the time-to-market and generate a fantastic experience for everyone involved in our projects.

Therefore, Edson Oliveira, Agilista, and Davi Paiva, Delivery Manager, bring the most used agile concepts and practices in our daily lives and also present elements that help in the adoption and integration of teams.



Customer GMV

Another requirement that ACCT was highlighted was Customer GMV (Gross Merchandise Value), an indicator of the projects with the highest revenue. We pride ourselves on having significant brands in 19 countries such as Carrefour, Samsung, AB InBev, Stanley Black & Decker, Tok & Stok among others. This reinforces how much VTEX entrusts us with the most challenging and complex projects in Brazil and the world.


ACCT as the leader of the ecosystem of one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world

For ACCT’s CEO, Fred Heitmann, the position in the quadrant is much higher. “In addition to being among one of the leading e-commerce technology companies within the VTEX ecosystem, this means that we are one of the largest technology companies in the world. e-commerce within the Brazilian market. Because when you are part of an award from a company that has such a relevant market share, you are automatically among the best in terms of the national market”, – he says.

Fábio Feichtinger, CTO of ACCT, also reinforces the importance of achievement and stresses that it is an achievement for the whole team. “We have consolidated ourselves as the best player within the ecosystem of one of the largest platforms in the world. This is only possible with many mistakes and learnings within this journey because success is directly linked to your ability to fall and rise, much more than not making mistakes. Thank you to the entire ACCT team and our customers for allowing such a special moment ”, he concludes.